About Us

TigerSmack is a blog with a difference. We believe in cutting through the bullshit and bring you reviews, news, info and other stuff thats accessible, understandable without being an egghead and, hopefully, fun. We like to sprinkle a heavy dose of parody, satire, sarcasm, and sophomoric humor. Oh yeah, we also like to digitally alter (aka “photoshop”) images.

Because of the generally non-serious nature and tone of our content, we urge you not to rely on (or God forbid cite) TigerSmack as a source of reliable, credible information. You could seriously embarrass yourself by doing that.

Also, it is not necessary to send us email, or otherwise communicate to us, to let us know we have offended you. We don’t care. Seriously. We just don’t. It should be obvious to any thinking person that we’re not being serious here. If you choose to be offended anyway, you’re just a douche. We don’t have time for douches, or their whiney-assed emails,  around here.  We’re busy.

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