One of the biggest problems with working out is how to lose lower belly fat. It’s been the bane for man’s existence because it is one of the hardest parts to lose weight from. Even if you do succeed in losing the fat, toning it up to get those sculpted abs become yet another challenge. It sure would be nice to get rid of that unsightly pooch hanging from the waist of your jeans, but how?

The common misconception is that all you need to do is lose the weight and the problem will be solved. Actually, the problem is not the lbs. per se. Even if you lose the weight, you may very well be losing just the water, and so it doesn’t really address the problem at its roots. It would still boil down to cutting down the fat from your over-all body makeup. Once you get to the fat, then it would be easier to address the bulge problem. Well, at least a little bit easier.

There is no easy way on how to lose lower belly fat fast. Liposuction may be an answer, as well as other plastic surgery remedies, but that option obviously isn’t for everyone. Those who would like to go the natural route would have to go through a lot of hardships and challenges to attain that ideal body for them.

Calorie Counting

Experts would say that calorie-counting is going to be definitely a helpful tool in your quest to losing that persistent belly fat. It may not be a very exciting prospect, but once you get used to it, you will see just how important it actually is. First, you have to count your calorie-intake on a regular day. Once you identify that, start reducing it day by day by about 50 calories, until you reach the ideal 1200-1500 calorie-intake a day. Eating healthy is key here, obviously. Drink a lot of water, fresh juices, fruits and vegetables. When you do start reducing the calories, that’s when you start adding in the crunches, the push-ups, the muscle-building workout on your focus areas. You will find that as you lose the fat, you convert it faster to muscle, thereby reducing that bulgy appearance on your lower belly fat.


When it comes to your workouts, don’t think that doing a thousand crunches a day should be your answer on how to lose lower belly fat. As with a lot of other things, it’s not the quantity that matters, it’s the quality that does. What you would want to do, therefore, is start with simple 15-minute sets that you can repeat, doing pull-ups, leg raises, oblique’s, as well as reverse crunches. Once you think you’ve got them down pat, then that’s the time you advance to the next level, and up the challenge, so to speak. Make sure that you do not just do the exercises repetitively. You have to switch it up, otherwise, your muscles will “get used” to the regimen, and your progress will plateau.

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