How To Get an Associate Degree in Nursing Online

If you have been interested in a career in nursing then, chances are, you have heard advice against getting with an associate degree in nursing. And, especially one gained online. You need to go for a bachelor’s degree if you’re interested any kind of serious career advancement, they’ll tell you. And, you know what, it turns out “they’re” not actually wrong. To find out more about a career in nursing, please check out – a leading supplier of quality healthcare staff in Aberdeen, Scotland.

 The thing is, an associate degree in nursing gained online can get you on track as a registered nurse more quickly and much more cheaply than getting the same qualification almost any other way. Remember, as well , that an ADN is only a limiting choice if you don’t plan to study further once you get it. But, if you want, you can easily choose to study a couple of extra years and earn your bachelor’s degree.

 The job of a registered nurse isn’t a fixed one – no more than the job of a doctor is. From performing tests and offering treatment through to dispensing medical assistance in a wide variety of situations to helping with research, nurses are given the responsibility of handling just about any kind of medical responsibility that you might imagine. The healthcare industry is the biggest employer in the world; and nursing jobs are the biggest sector in that market; so the opportunities are significant.

Theres no doubt that a nursing career can offer excellent job security and a great, fulfilling career. As most nursing students realise however, paying for such an education can be quite difficult – especially if it’s a four-year bachelor’s degree. To many young people who just want to get started as quickly as possible without running themselves into serious debt, an associate degree in nursing is the perfect answer. Not only are these less expensive, they get you into an earning job relatively quickly.

So, here’s a little bit of a confidence booster for you – when you take the licensure exam that allows you to become a registered nurse, it doesn’t matter if you come from an ADN background or if you hold a bachelor’s degree.

Believe it or not, another fact is that the success rates are actually about the same. A bachelor’s degree doesn’t help someone just ace the test; it goes to show that there isn’t really a qualitative difference between an associate’s degree and a bachelor’s degree. So, whereas a bachelor’s degree does give you more knowledge on a larger variety of subjects, and you do get better access to better paying jobs, an associate degree in nursing also acts as an excellent stepping stone to a four-year bachelor’s degree!!

In fact, once you get a job as an ADN, you can get the hospital that you work at to offer you a continuing education tuition reimbursement. 

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